In Being Organised, Community life

Learning how to say NO

In Family, Home

Growing older

In Home, Simple Living

Back to normal

In Simple Living, Sustainability

Location, location, location

In Budgeting,

Organising your money

In Home Cooking,

Chocolate birthday cake

In Being Organised, Preserving

Looking after your stockpile

In Simple Living,

And a not so frugal dinner

In Community life, Simple Living

A frugal lunch

In Being Organised, Cleaning

How to make cold process soap

In Home,

Family time

In This blog,

Swap partners

In Home,


In Simple Living,

Happiness is lurking

In Home, Simple Living

The painting is progressing slowly

In Community life, Homemade

Swap buddies

In Being Organised, Cleaning

Home Comforts


Frugal Subversive Award

In Backyard, Home

The shared lunch

In Home Cooking, Preserving

Homemade tomato paste

In Home Cooking,

Homemade condensed milk

In Homemade, Individuality

Homemade Christmas decorations

In Homemade, This blog

A dishcloth swap?

In Home, Homemade

Knitted dishcloths

In Budgeting, Homemade

A year's worth of dishcloths

In Budgeting, Home

Falling in love with yellow

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