Apron swap and emails

I'm about to do two posts.

This one is to remind my Australian and New Zealand friends that today is the deadline for the apron swap; they should be posted today. The deadline of 28 November is tomorrow for those on the other side of the world. I hope everyone has enjoyed this swap, it will be the final one for the year, but we'll have more next year, starting in January.

I also wanted to say hello to everyone who has sent me an email recently. I love getting your emails and really enjoy reading about the lives our little blog community. I have quite a few to answer at the moment and will get to them as soon as I can. Life is very busy at the moment and I only get through a couple each day. Please know I've read everything sent and will write back to everyone as soon as time allows.

Now, on to the next post ...


  1. This was a really fun swap, Rhonda Jean. Thanks for hostessing!

  2. Awww...I missed it. I love aprons. And I am still thinking about my napkin swap partner.

  3. Rhonda Jean,
    When you say today is the deadliine to post our aprons, does that mean at the post office or post a blog about it or leave a comment on your blog to let you know it's done? Sorry, but I'm having a blonde moment with this!LOL

  4. Hi Christie,I meant the apron should have been posted at the post office on the 28 November, last Wednesday. LOL

  5. Wow, I thought it was today(30th). Lucky I've posted it today, then =)
    Sorry about that.
    nice picture of you in the right corner, Rhonda Jean =)


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